4 Things You Should Not Overlook When Buying a Pedicure Chair

The beauty and wellness industry is big nowadays. The number of new customers getting beauty services is increasing all across the globe. On one hand where the customers are increasing, their demands and expectations are also changing. They are expecting more comfort and better quality of services from their service providers. Even if the basics of the treatment or the technique remain the same, they want to feel more relaxed and comfortable during the treatment.

This has given rise to different equipment that make the whole experience of beauty treatment an exciting and yet relaxing experience. The feeling of being pampered is heightened by these products.

One such product that has added to the comfort factor is the pedicure chair. However, these chairs can cost you a dime a dozen as well as a small fortune depending on the number of units your purchase and the locations where they will be used. So, when you are investing this kind of money, you should also ensure that you do not overlook the 4 essential aspects.

Quality of the Chair

There are different types of manufacturers selling pedicure chairs to the beauty industry. This means there are different types of qualities available for the same product. You might be ready to pay higher price for a chair thinking that it is the best quality available in the market. However, do not rush into the decision by just looking at the chair. Ask the seller to tell you where the components of the chair are being manufactured. Also try to find out who is assembling the chair and where. These factors can impact the quality and the price.

Design of the Chair

The design of the chair should depend on the interiors of your spa or salon. You can get several spa chairs that follow the basic design style. However, this will make you look like any other salon or spa down the street. In fact, if you are not investing in a good design then it can really hurt your image. So, select a design that makes you look different and better from your competition. However, this does not mean you compromise on comfort. You should not invest in a chair that looks very different but feels very uncomfortable.

Warranty Policy

Most manufacturers claim to make warranties available on their product. However, when you read the warranty policy you realize that it does not really amount to a “warranty”. For example, a manufacturer may require you to pay the shipment cost for a part that needs to be replaced in the spa chair that is under warranty. Such fine print should be carefully analysed.

Customer Service

There is no industry in the world today where customers do not have any complains; what really matters is how the company handles the complains. So, check the customer service ratings of your manufacturer. If their post sales service is not good, then a good product may not really matter that much.