You’re the sort of person who takes their life around with them everywhere.  You use plastic bags, bags for life but they keep on falling apart at all the wrong times in your life.  So, you decide to invest in a bag that will help out for both the gym and work life.

Some people like to separate their work schedules by using different bags for their situations; others find that task incredibly hard and time-consuming.  For anyone who needs to save time and is proactive and organized you should really look for a bag that suits all your needs.

But where do you begin? If you go instore, you potentially have to wait patiently for a member of staff to become free, but then the internet is so vast you don’t know where to start looking, and which websites are ideal for you.

To break it down, here’s what you should look for:


You don’t want to spend a fortune on a bag if it doesn’t seem right in your eyes.  You need something that shows you and your talents off. If you’re an extrovert and love all the current fashion trends then a plain black bag won’t be for you, will it?  


If you’re going to use a bag for the gym and work every day then you need a long lasting one, it should be very durable and should have padded shoulder straps.


At work, you may not have all the space under your desk for a bulky bag, and you can’t leave it in the car as its got work equipment in.  You’ll need a compact bag to suit your needs but one that can also adapt when you need to put more than usual in when needed. You can buy bags that can be zipped inwards, so they save space when you don’t need to fill it too full, so you could always take a look at those types.  Also, think about compartments. Is it convenient to have your laptop right next to a damp towel? Once you’ve finished a session at the gym, do you tend to rummage around for your keys? It’s all too easy to dump everything in, but with minimal effort, you could organize your bag so everything has a place and you’re capable of keeping it that way.

But there is another thing you should think about, if you choose to carry both work and gym items together in one bag then you need to think about the weight.  Overloading an already bulky bag can cause a lot of health problems such as shoulder pains, stress and bad posture issues.

Looking around, a lot of people choose to invest in a sports hold-all bag.  It looks like a duffle bag but a bit more compact, with more zips and slots ready for you to use with little issue.  There are some very affordable, stylish, and practical products out there for all your needs.