Dragon Ball from Screen to Card Game

Dragon Ball, is a Japanese media franchise, originally created in 1984 and was published as the initial “manga” a Japanese comic conforming to a 19th Century format. It had 519 chapters, collected into 42 volumes. It was inspired by a classic Chinese novel, entitled Journey to the West. It follows the story’s hero, Son Goku, from a child, training in martial arts, before exploring the world in search of seven mystical orbs, known as the Dragon Balls. He is not alone in his search for the balls, which when gathered together are said to have the power to summon a wish granting dragon. He makes friends and battles enemies and villains along the way. The story was brought to two anime series, called Dragon ball and Dragon Ball Z. The studio also produced 19 animated feature films, before a revised and fast actioned variety came to the screens called Dragon Ball Kai.

Instant Success

The series has been very successful and in 2012, had already generated over $5 Billion in merchandise, which included films, both live action and animated, numerous action figures, video games, soundtracks and collectable card games. The card game especially has proven a success, with collectors involved with a Dragon Ball trading card game online, and buy Dragon Ball Super Cards from others around the world.

Dragon Balls level of Success

Since it was released, Dragon Ball has been a runaway success. It has sold over 240 million copies of its 42 volumes worldwide, and has received widespread praise, for its art, storytelling and characterisation, being cited by many manga artists citing it as their inspiration. It has achieved success globally and many point to it being very influential in boosting the popularity of Japanese animated shows in Western Culture.

The Anime becomes a Card Game

The Dragon Ball Card Game was first released in 2008, and re-launched in 2017, with the latter including exclusive artwork from all 3 anime series. The original release had four different types of card. Warrior cards are for the games characters, Technique cards give the method of attack in a battle, Event cards from the series are used to change the dynamics of a battle, while Wish cards are made based on wishes that were made in the series and can be used only when the seven Dragon Balls have been collected. Cards were also ranked by rarity, ranging from common to super rare, and it is these that are most expensive to purchase. The Dragon Ball Super Uno Card Game is the newest version, which while very similar to previous editions, introduces some new aspects. A unique “combo” system allows cards used for multiple purposes, such as energy, combos and characters, which is designed to copy the shows version of characters powering up after being injured.

Latest Versions Popularity

The most recent version of the game certainly seems to be proving very popular. The introduction of introducing the “combo” seems appealing, as it allows for action very strikingly similar to that seen in the live show. Using multiple cards, allows for devastating attacks, so reminiscent of the original anime, and makes the game so much more realistic.

A player’s freedom of creativity, allows multiple different strategies, which should help keep it popular for some time to come.