Guide to getting your first baby stroller


Having additions to your family soon and looking for a baby stroller but not sure where to start? The baby stroller that you get needs to be suited for your everyday coming and going. What are some things that you will need to be carrying around? These are the type of questions which will need to be answered before looking for a stroller for your little one as it determines the safety, comfort of the baby, as well as ensuring your peace of mind. Check out some useful baby stroller guides here for further reading.

Types of baby strollers

There are five different types of strollers available in the market today:

  1. Standard strollers: The most common strollers we see in the market now, these strollers have a simple but practical 4-wheeled layout designed to hold up to 50 pounds in weight. The seats are padded and usually, allow for reclining to cover a large range of activity for the baby. A canopy overhead also protects the baby from the elements when out on the go, and it also comes with a storage area to place diapers or toys.
  2. Tandem strollers: Strollers made to hold two children at the same time, usually in a staircase arrangement where the smaller child is placed on a smaller seat behind a standard sized seat. Another version of tandem strollers has a standing board for the older child instead of a seat, allowing parents to push both children around at the same time. The compact design of tandem strollers make it easy for young families to go from place to place even with the crowds.
  3. Double or Triple Strollers: These strollers are made to hold twins or triplets in a side by side arrangement. Perfect for parents who want to take their children to the park, this type of strollers will be hard to get around in a more crowded setting such as the mall or the amusement park.
  4. Umbrella Strollers: Known as such due to their umbrella-like handles. They are also known as lightweight strollers and are collapsible for easy transport and storage around. These strollers have a strong sturdy frame made out of aluminium and have the same padded seats and storage areas as the standard strollers. The seats might not always recline as reclined seats might compromise the stroller’s ability to collapse easily.
  5. Jogging strollers: Designed for parents to get a bit of exercise while with their children – be it walking, jogging or running. The main feature of this type of strollers is its shock-absorbent wheels which allow for changes in speed without alarming their child. Most strollers in this category have a three wheel configuration, with the front wheel used for easy turning and manoeuvring while on the roads while the rear wheels five support and distribute any shocks felt while on the road. The canopy can rotate to turn to shade your child no matter where the sun is.