How about Popping the Question with a Monogram Necklace?

So you are all set to ask her to marry you? That’s awesome news for sure!

I just want to know one thing – how are you planning to pop the question? If you haven’t been thinking of doing anything unique, then that’s okay. However, if you are planning to do something totally out of the box to surprise her, you’ve got to scratch your head for it. I have a plan – if you trust me, I bet she is not going to say “no” to you when you propose to her.

Instead of buying a ring for her, buy her a nice monogrammed necklace! I am damn sure and serious about this because if you buy something like this for her, she is going to love you more. There is no way she can refuse your proposal because such a necklace is not something she would get all the time.

What do you have to do?

You have to find a company that promises to deliver high quality monogrammed necklace to your door. You just have to give the company your initial, along with hers, and tell them to do what they are good at – creating the finest monogram necklaces for their customers. If you want to check their work, you can always do so by visiting their website. If you don’t want to visit a land based store or waste your time in wandering from one store to another, you can always select a nice e-store that belongs to a company that’s into monogrammed necklaces. When you find such companies online, you can go through their portfolio and find out which is that one design that matches your expectations perfectly. If you think you’ve found such a design, let the company know about it and it would do the job for you.

Why is she going to love this?

If you guys have been going around for a while now, she might have an idea about you popping up the question anytime soon. She must be expecting flowers (particularly roses) and a ring; however, if you do something beyond her expectations, you are going to get her in tears. That’s exactly what you want to do – see tears of joy and contentment in her eyes. When you gift a beautiful necklace that’s especially designed for her and only her, she falls in love with you all over again.

And guess what? She says YES!