How to Select the Right Pearl Engagement Ring Stones?

Pearl is a symbol of luxury and grace. Natural pearls can be white, off white, black, cream, grey, gold, or silver. These pearls have got a charm that can make you shine at any party or event. However, prior to selecting a pearl engagement ring stone, it is needed to get a good understanding of this aquatic gemstone and the care it needs to be in the best condition forever.

How to differentiate between a cultured pearl from a natural pearl?

Most of all the pearls that are available in the market are cultured pearls. To check if your pearl is cultured, you need to inspect its drill hole. Pearl rings that are cultured will generally have a very thin nacre layer that covers a white seed. Pearls that are not drilled need an X-ray examination at any gemological lab to figure out whether they are natural or cultured.

Pearl Engagement Ring Stones and Qualities

There are several factors that contribute towards the overall value and beauty of pearls. Some of the most important quality factors include shape, luster, size, surface, and color. A pearl that is deficient of any of these attributes would have inferior value than the ones exhibited by a “rounded” pearl. Attributes you need to consider when buying a pearl engagement ring stone are:

  1. Luster
  2. Shape
  3. Surface
  4. Size
  5. Color

What are the different types of pearls?

For your pearl engagement ring stone, you can choose pearls from its wide range of types. Some of them being:

  1. Freshwater Pearls
  2. Saltwater Pearls
  3. Akoya Pearls
  4. Tahitian Pearls
  5. South Sea Pearls

Tips to buy the best pearl engagement ring stones

You need to consider below tips to find the best pearl engagement ring stones:

  1. Drilled or Undrilled?
  2. Pearl Treatments
  3. Is it a cultured or a natural pearl?


The ritual of wearing pearl jewelry among Indian brides in India is obsolete. This jewelry has a rich cultural significance in Indian tradition. Selecting the best pearl engagement ring stone will create the best impression on everyone and make your event memorable.