If the Hair are perfect, then the mood is perfect!

If you have a large forehead and the density of your own hair isn’t great, then think no more and buy this layered bang mix colored and cap less wig. This will transform your look from being boring to an enthusiast who loves to experiment. So, worry not as you are only making yourself better with these bangs. The bangs are conventional and yet are never outdated any. The layers in this makes it look very natural and perfect for a casual day too and not just for a party. When things are natural you feel confident of them, so buy them and get your look back!Click here fore more.

If color is your choice and you are inspired by the movie stars, go for this side parted natural colored wig and give yourself a new look. Take a selfie with more confidence in this wig and take away all the limelight, well you will naturally do with all the colors on your head 🙂 The side parting allows you to pull back the hair behind the ear without disturbing the style and waves adds to the fact that you love to rock where ever you go! Now just get this footage naturally and get ready to get noticed all the time.

who says you can’t have layers on short hair. You can, and you must have layers on the short hair too. But if you are hesitant in getting them on your real hair or do not have the density to get it done, we have this natural cored wig for you that you will love simply because of its multi layer presence. The long side locks also look very pretty and are the unique point of this wig. One side being really short, the other side is dense and shows off the layers in a classy manner.  

Bangs on the front with some haywire rough look that actually looks net in you is your desire, then DressLily has heard it and you can buy this look from them. The no parting wig, yet a division in the center that arises naturally is what this wig stands out for. The bangs make your face look softer and more feminine whereas the length of the wig shows your character of being bold and independent. Buy this natural color wig and enhance your look with a transformation to die for.