Planning A Small Kitchen: The 5 Mistakes to Avoid

The layout of a small kitchen is sometimes similar to an obstacle course. A kitchen in a handkerchief is not always easy to arrange. Household appliances unsuitable, difficulties of circulation, bad exploitation of the space and many more are often the challenges faced. Here are the top five errors to avoid when planning a small kitchen.  

#1: Not thinking about your project

The smaller the kitchen, the more it is necessary to plan the project in order to rationalize each square meter as well as possible, and also to use priority standard furniture which is cheaper than the custom-made elements.  

We must also show a certain realism. In a small space, you have to make choices, which necessarily means a precise analysis of your needs. You have to ask the right questions: a single person may not need a dishwasher, and a two-burner plate may be enough if you do not cook for a family. 

#2: focusing on appliances at the expense of storage

Be careful not to multiply the devices: no need to store in a small kitchen a machine that serves only twice a year. It is better to opt instead for home appliances that we use daily. Do not expect too many appliances or too bulky devices to the detriment of storage for kitchen utensils or food. If you have a window, you can do without a hood, for example. But we often forget to keep enough closets to store food. That is why I always recommend people to buy storage organizers at to help manage their small space.

#3: Too much traffic space

Even if the kitchen is small, it is necessary to rationalize and keep at least 80 cm in front of the worktop, to be able to circulate on one side to each other and cook comfortably. To do this, it may be interesting to seek the advice of an architect and to provide some custom elements to arrange the space closer. 

#4: Choosing Free Appliances

This would be a mistake. In a small kitchen, integrated appliances are much better. Even though it is a little more expensive, it is nevertheless more compact and can save space. It’s also a story of perspective. By wrapping the doors of the dishwasher or oven with the same coating, you create an impression of unity and increases the impression of space. 

#5: Preferring closed storage columns to high and low storage

They are bulky, and even if they allow to increase the storage space, they remain unsuitable in a small kitchen. The closed storage columns are perfect in a large kitchen, but if there is not enough space, remember that the columns reduce the worktop surface, which is never good: you have to be able to store but also have room to spread or cook your food.