Right Pawn Shop Options for You Requirements

Selling jewelry at a pawn shop is easy. All you need to do is take the jewelry to a pawn shop, tell the pawnbroker you want to sell it to him and take all the money he offers you. What is much more difficult is a good deal from the pawnbroker. With a little preparation and foresight, it is possible to sell jewelry to a pawn shop and maximize your return to the process.


Choose, the La Familia pawn shop deemed safe. If you go to a questionable pawn shop to sell your jewelry, you will probably end up with a dubious deal. Use online tools to find pawn shops in your area and read reviews for more information. Also, make sure the pawn shop is in a good neighborhood. If it is located in a crime-prone environment, you should probably choose another place to sell your jewelry.

The Right Homework

Do your homework for the price of your jewelry. If you think jewelry is relatively expensive, take it to a jeweler and get a professional appraisal of its value. If it is a less expensive piece, it is probably best to look online, find similar pieces of jewelry on sale at auction sites, and come up with an estimate of the value of your jewelry.

The Bargaining

Prepare to haggle or bring someone with you to do your bargaining for you. Make your jewelry as attractive as possible to maximize your return. Polish your jewelry, remove any tarnish and clean as much as possible.

Abstain from desperately wanting money, regardless of how desperate you are. Pawnbrokers realize that they can offer less money to people who are desperate and that many people who come to the pawn shop to sell jewelry are hurting for money. Try to act relaxed, and if you are wondering why you are selling jewelry, say that you have not been wearing it or that it no longer fits your wardrobe. Never tell them that it is because you need money.

Tips and Warnings

Be prepared to take a severe devaluation. Pawnshops cannot offer as much money for most jewelry items as these jewelry items would retail at a jewelry store. So keep in mind that you probably will not get as much for your jewelry when you sell to the pawn shop that you paid for it. If you are not happy with the price a pawn shop offers you, do not give up. Go to other pawn shops to see if you can get a better deal. Pawnshops provide extremely low values for jewelry in comparison to other methods. Before you decide to sell your jewelry to a pawn shop, consider other options, such as jewelry stores and online auction sites.

The Paperwork

Once the paperwork has finished sales in La Familia pawn shop, which have given them the information, and you have signed the sales receipt, the pawnbroker will pay you the agreed amount and put the laptop in store for the price so that can resell.