Top 5 Trends in Fine Jewelry 2018

Ladies’ love for jewelry is well known, but fine jewelry is a completely different ball game. It can actually prove to be a timeless and precious heirloom, which can be passed on to generations and loved and cherished by them. As the youngsters are also getting inclined to buying fine jewelry, it has led to the greater integration of fine jewelry with high fashion. Stores like bijoux artisanaux Myel prove to be a one-stop destination for buying fine jewelry pieces.

Here are a few of the top trends in fine jewelry in 2018.


The engagement rings and wedding bands hold a prominent position in the lives of the couples. The year 2018 witnessed a high-end collection of traditional rings coupled with modern spirit leading to minimalist pieces. This union of creativity resulted in the unconventional charm, which made a style statement in fine jewelry.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings made a major visual splash this year with designers going gaga over gold splashed with tropical colors. There was so much concentration on the different types of earrings in fine jewelry collection that it won’t be fustian to call 2018 as the year of the ear. Different types of hoops, studs, and hangings in rose gold, white gold, normal gold etc. made a strong presence with precious stones studded in it.


The old classic pin of the grandmother era is back with a fresh, new, and modern spin. The year is witnessing delicately finejewel designs with a majority being inspired by nature. These brooches also double up as necklace pendant, thus lending more versatility to the pieces.

Rainbow Palettes

Having a style statement with multicolorfine jewelry has emerged as a key trend this year. So, you will find necklace pendants in rainbow colors with rubies, sapphires, amethyst, and emeralds studded in it. The same goes for earrings and rings. The rainbow colors make the jewelry compatible with a variety of outfits.


These have continued to remain in trend. Fine jewelry pieces look elegant and sophisticated and can be worn with formal outfits. Thus, they look ideal for office wear and meetings where you can subtly make your style statement along with maintaining professionalism.

The year 2018 has proved to be an epic year for fine jewelry with both the scorching new trends and the reminiscent throwbacks.