Why Summer Wardrobes Are The Best Wardrobes

Okay so getting dressed in the wintertime might be more comfortable because all you have to do is throw on a pair of sweats and a sweater, but when you actually have to look nice, it’s so much easier in the summer. Think about how much cuter summer clothes are. You can wear just about any color from neon pink to black and it’s a summer color. Yeah it might be a lot hotter out, but you can wear minimal clothing and it’s okay “because it’s hot”. You can get away with wearing the blandest dress in the summer because your tan itself makes you look hot. If you try pulling that off in the winter, you’re going to look like some sort of creature out of a horror movie. All in all, summer wardrobes are ten times better than winter wardrobes. You look better, you feel better, and it’s just more fun.

Being tan allows you to wear anything

For some reason if you have a healthy amount of color evenly around your body, you can wear gym shorts and a T-shirt and still look gorgeous. It’s really not even about what you’re wearing once you get that golden color, but of course cute outfits make your situation even better. When your tan, colors like yellow, white, light blue, and anything else light or pastel makes your teeth look whiter, your eyes brighter, and your overall being more radiant. You definitely can’t say that for yourself in the winter. Unless you get a major spray tan (which people will question around Christmas time), you have to cake on the makeup just to not look half dead.

Casual becomes fancy

Casual clothes in the winter time are oversized sweat pants and hoodies. Undoubtedly they make you look like a hobo, but hey you’re comfortable right? Casual clothes at their simplest in the summer are something like running shorts and a T-shirt. That kind of casual doesn’t look half bad even if you just wore that outfit to bed. You can get away with so much more in the summer than you can in the winter time. Even if you are aiming to look a little dressy, jeans and a shirt need to be paired with heels or some sort of jewelry when it’s cold outside. Plus it’s cold so you need a nice jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves to go along with the outfit as well. In the summer, Veronica M pants and a nice shirt to the trick.

Flip-flops for days   

There are very few places you’re going to go in the summertime that’s going to require you to wear something other than flip-flops or sandals. Even the most fancy restaurants or Broadway shows you can go to are fine with a nice pair of open-toed sandals. You’re only going to run into a problem if the dress code says closed-toed, but how often does that happen? Other than that you can wear the same shoes everyday, and if you pick them wisely, they’ll go well with just about every summer outfit you own.

Travel lightly

Because it’s so hot in the summer, less clothes is more. You’ve got to cover up, but you don’t have to pack extra layers, mittens, wool socks, bulky boots, or anything else that takes up a ton of space in your suitcase. Traveling in the summer is so easy because all of your clothes are smaller, less dense, and lighter. If you don’t need anything fancy, you could probably go away for a week with just a carry on bag.

If you don’t love the sun, maybe summer isn’t your thing. If you are a beach babe (or at least would like to think of yourself as one) there’s no beating the day you unpack your summer clothes that have been chilling in the attic for the last 6 months.